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Activities for Babies till 3 months of age

Activities for Babies till 3 months of age

Babies at this age express their feelings of comfort, discomfort joy and unhappiness in their surroundings. The following activities will help you understanding your child and help them manage their environment.

Babies at this stage are trying to develop control over their head and neck. At 3 months if you put them on the tummy they will raise their head and lift their head and neck. Lying on their back they will kick vigorously and bring their arms together and apart.

Hold a toy like a rattle tethers about 10 inches from the child at the chest level create some sound and then give it to the child see the excitement in the child, he or she may kick fast and try to reach the toy.

Help the child to hold the toy. You can also encourage touch sensation by offering different textured toys and things like sponges, stones etc,.

They will focus on bright objects and follow them to and fro. Use bright colored toys in red, yellow, green colors to attract them. You can also use bold black and white stripes. Wear bright colored bangles and dresses to attract your child. You may also put bright colored bangles to the child they may look at it. Remember the child can see up to a feet from her vision so have all activities at this distance.

Move the toy back and forth slowly for the child to track it. Remember the child can focus only for couple of minutes, if the child turns away stop the play.


However the best toy for them is YOU. Make funny expressions, wear a funny masks and see their expression. Encourage the child to feel your face, play with his fingers. The tradition of giving oil massages and bathing a child can be a great activity for attachment bonding. Talk to your child as they will love to listen to your voice and play soothing music which they will enjoy.