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Best Nutrition for New Born


Appropriate and healthy feeding of your baby is very important during the first year of life. More growth occurs during the first year than any other time in your child’s life. For the first six months, breast milk or formula is all that is needed. As your baby grows, starting a variety of healthy foods at the proper time is important for proper growth and development. Starting good eating habits at this early stage will help to set healthy eating patterns for life



Nothing can equal the all round advantage of breast milk in the first couple of months of your baby’s life, not even the most expensive brand of artificial infant formula. Breast milk if not only the best food but also the best health and care a mother can give her baby. Breast feeding during the first two years of life is one ensuring that your baby achieves normal growth and development



  • Nutritionally, mother’s milk contains sufficient quantities of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, making it the completer nutritional package for babies.
  • Breast milk is designed for your baby’s new sensitive digestive system. The amount of proteins and fats in your breast milk is individually tailored to your baby’s needs.
  • It protects the baby against infections as it contains the perfect amount of antibodies. It also protects the baby against allergies.
  • Since breast milk has a natural laxative effect, infants who breastfeed will rarely become constipated.
  • Since breast fed babies are able to follow the demands of their appetite, breastfeeding may help reduce the chance of becoming over weight.
  • With breastfeeding there is no worry about keeping bottles and nipples clean, carrying bottled mild and keeping it at the proper temperature. Breast mild always ready to use and at the perfect temperature.
  • Good for the mother: Breastfeeding helps the new mom’s uterus return to its pre-pregnant state faster and also helps her to lose weight and return to her pre pregnancy weight faster.
  • Breast feeding provides a mother with a uniquely warm and intimate way to connect with her baby. The skin to skin contact and cuddling during breast feeding creates wonderful bond between mother and baby.
  • Last, but not the least, breast feeding is easy on the family budget (it’s free) and the savings multiply since breastfed babies are healthier.



  • Doctors recommend that you start breast feeding soon after delivery, preferable within half an hour after birth or as early as you can.
  • Early breast feeding encourages the flow of breast milk, and establishes a close mother child bond.
  • Colostrums the first milk is a yellowish watery substance produced in the first few days after delivery.
  • Colostrums is rich in nutrients and full of antibodies that can protect your baby.
  • It is your baby’s first protection against disease.
  • You may think that the amount of colostrums is small, but it is enough for your baby.
  • It is much too valuable to be discarded.

But remember, parents should feel happy and secure with whatever decision they make concerning the feeding of their newborn. A woman who does not breast feed due to any reason should not feel (or be made to feel) guilty that she is not going to be a good mother. There are many other factors besides feeding that are involved in caring for a child. The nurturing and loving relationship that develops between a parent and their newborn is far more important than the type of milk the baby receives.


Dr. Chitra Sankar                                                                                                             Developmental Pediatrician