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Games while travelling with a 2-3 year old

Games while travelling with a 2-3 year old

Games that will keep your child entertained during long hours on road

There is no boredom when a 2-3 year old child is running around, but boredom sets in for the child as soon as there is no chance of running around. All the hell can break loose when your toddler is bored, especially if you are spending some hours on road. 

Fortunately, there are few games that will keep your child at peace, thus making the journey a memorable experience for both of you. 

Count fingers

Count fingers and toes- tickle the child’s palm and foot with a story to go with the action. Repeat the action and count the child’s fingers and toes all over again. In the second round you can hold the child’s finger and count the child’s fingers and toes. One of the biggest attraction in this game is the way the child anticipates the tickling and laughs out loud even before you touch him/her. 

Learning outcomes: develops number concept, vocabulary enhances, development of sense of touch

Count what you see

While traveling in train or outskirts of the city count along with the child the number of trees, mountains, rivers or tunnels as they zoom past your window. You can even name it as ‘I spy’ and mention what the child needs to find. Make the whole activity as dramatic as possible

Learning outcomes: develops number concept, enhancement of vocabulary skills, colour concept develops, skill of observation improves, and aesthetic appreciation is seen. 

Count vehicles on road

All children love vehicles on running on the road. They are curious to know more about them as well. You can use this curiosity to entertain them by counting the number of bikes, cycles, trucks, cars or busses. You can tell their different uses and discuss colors with your child.  You can also introduce the different modes of transport.

Learning outcomes: develops number concept, vocabulary enhances, colour concept develops, skill of observation improves, aesthetic appreciation

Hankie mouse and other designs

A mouse is made using a handkerchief and the child can touch the mouse, while the parent brings life in the mouse by making movements using their hand entertainingly (children are generally excited to see it moving, especially the young ones). You can instruct the child to lightly run hand over the mouse to feel it making a squeaky sound.


You can use your imagination and creativity to make different designs with your hankie apart from the mouse. 

One of the entertaining things can be making a banana of your hankie and eating it.  This is a very funny pretend play on eating a handkerchief banana.  Hankie can be gathered to form a banana and can be used to pretend play as though peeling the banana skin and eating it.

Learning outcomes: aesthetic development and appreciation, develop interest in animals, provide care and love for animals, learn animal sounds

Join the dots

  1. All you need is some materials like tissue paper/newspaper, pen/pencil. You can draw dots on paper and take turns in joining the dots; making houses by writing your name inside the square you created. The name be just the initial letter of your name. The one with maximum number of houses will win the game. You can be a bit generous here and allow your child chances to create the complete square. Throw in clues and hints for the child to pick up.  










Zip zap zoom- 

This is one of many other funny songs you can sing to your child. 

Zip zap zoom 

Say say say on the way way  way

Mr 1 Mr2 Mr 3 3 3, 

Mr 4 Mr 5 Mr 6 6 6,

Mr 7 Mr 8 Mr 9 9 9 and the game continues till the child knows numbers or till both of you are tired.