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Help your child set learning goals

Help your child set learning goals

Parenting doesn’t end ever even when the children grow up. It is a continuous process. We have to devise methods to help our children attain their goals, in a best possible manner which is easy for the child and relaxing for the parents too.

How can we achieve this?

Here are few tips which can help in motivating the child to do those tasks which the child is not willing or help them in identifying easy methods to accomplish them.

As parents it is also important that we get mentally prepared to understand our objectives when getting ready to assist children. Having decided that this is your primary focus, get set and follow the below cited simple rules. Surely with practice you will attain your objective of making your child attain their goal. Teaching children how to break goals down into small steps is a great way to help them feel like they can achieve their goals.

Good are we ready and here we go with a simple 4 step method..

Step 1 : Identify the area of improvement that requires attention, say for e.g learning the tables for a kid in 1st grade or a project work assigned by the school for a third or fourth grader student.

Step 2: Create a chart to help them visualize their progress, create a board with a start date and end date as target with boxes indicating day 1, day 2 etc .

Step 3: Break the goal into small steps so that the progress is visible with a plan for 20 mins each day until the project day and 10 mins each day for a first grader so that the focus is maintained.

Step 4: Agree on a reward for the younger ones, say a sticker on the board each day, as appreciation for accomplishing the day’s task. Those children working on projects can discuss the same with someone as they go which will help motivate themselves to see the progress from day 1. You may teach new habits with new rewards as same thing will not work always.