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Is Your Toddler Ready For Kindergarten

When Namita tested positive in her pregnancy test just 2 years into marriage, she failed to identify her emotions. Though happy with the news, she was quite apprehensive about managing her career with the new arrival into her life. After thinking it over and a detailed discussion with her husband, Namita decided to put her career on hold for 4 years. She decided that by then, her baby would be in kindergarten and she could go back to work with the help of a caretaker. 

Years flew by quickly in the company of her son Shreyas and he was 3 now. Namita decided to send him to kindergarten and also get back to her work. She was surprised when the school she approached announced that her son was not yet ready for kindergarten. 

Unfortunately, she never realized that her son may not be ready for kindergarten, since she never gave a thought that her son may not be mature enough cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially to start schooling. Since her sister’s daughter was going to kindergarten at the age of 3 ½ years, she thought that would work out for her son as well. 

Like Namita, not many adults realize that though it is small step for parents to send a toddler to kindergarten, it is a big step for the child. Some of them may not be ready for the change according to their parent’s plan. 

Every parent should ask themselves the question, “Is my child ready to go to Kindergarten?” and evaluate the needs that proves that the toddler is kindergarten ready. 

Here is the few things you need to take note of before making a decision to send your toddler to school. 

The child should be 

  • Able to speak in sentences of 4 to 5 words
  • Should know his/her name age and gender
  • Follows simple instructions 
  • Is Able to play with other children
  • Can play in a group
  • Asks for help
  • Can hold pencil
  • Can trace shapes 
  • Can button shirt
  • Can cycle 
  • Can hop and skip
  • Can re-tell simple stories
  • Recognises letters by name
  • Recognises book by the cover
  • Matches rhyming words
  • Counts to ten

Most children will be ready by 5 years for the school. Parents cannot make plants until they see the developmental pace of their child, since every child develops at their own pace. 

Namita, had to wait for another year, before she could start going to work once again. Fortunately for her, Shreyas was a child who loved to go to kindergarten without any fuss. He just needed a bit more time than his mom had planned. 

Today, schools also screen toddlers before enrolling them into their programs. On the other hand, it is also the responsibility of parent’s to monitor milestones of their child from 3 years to check whether their child has school appropriate skills which makes the child fit for the kindergarten or UKG. 

When the timing is right, the experience will be pleasant for the child, making him/her look forward to the yellow bus every day.