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Is your baby ready for preschool?

Is your baby ready for preschool?

In today’s world where both the parents are working, parents are eager to send the child to pre-school as soon as possible. Some parents have a tough choice to make when the enrollment for the pre-school starts after the summer. Do we send our baby to preschool this term? Shall we wait for the next term?  Is it a right thing to do to send our baby to pre-school or not?

There is no specific timeline for a parent to enroll their child into pre-school. Preschool programs begin anywhere from ages 2 to 4, it can be challenging to know when is the "right" time to enroll a child in the program. Children get ready to pre-school based on a lot of factors which is not in any way related to the need of the parent to get back to work or the age of the child. Some children are mature enough cognitively, emotionally, physically and socially to start schooling by the age of two whereas others may not be ready even at 4.

Let us not take the big step for the child of entering the pre-school and being with strangers as a small thing. This is the first major break from the familiarity of home and routine a child is being exposed to. Some of them may not be ready for the change according to their parent’s plan. Every parent should ask themselves the question, “Is my child ready to go to preschool?” and evaluate the needs that prove that the toddler is ready to start his/her exploration through pre-school.

Based on evaluations done by experts, we have created a list of few things you need to take note of before making a decision to send your toddler to school. Remember, no matter which pre-school you plan to send your child to, there is no better stimulation than the parents for a child to learn and develop in a healthy way.

Ensure that your child is adept in the below-mentioned skills:

  • Able to speak in sentences of 3-4 words

  • Is comfortable being apart from home and parents

  • Should know his/her name age and gender

  • Follows simple instructions

  • Can co-operate and co-exist with other children

  • Can play in a group

  • Asks for help

  • Does the school require your child to be potty trained? If yes, ensure you child is

  • Is able to focus on a puzzle or draw for a few minutes on his own. Do not expect more than 3 minutes concentration from a three-year-old

  • Does not regularly nap during school hours

  • Socially, they are expected to refrain from hurting other children and be involved in cooperative play

Most children will be ready by 2-3years for the preschool. Parents cannot make plans until they see the developmental pace of their child since every child develops at their own pace.

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