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List of Most Common Newborn Problems and How to Deal With It?

List of Most Common Newborn Problems and How to Deal With It?

You hold your little bundle of joy in your arms and make yourself a promise to look after her for eternity. Well, the promise soon turns into a challenge that brings out the parents in us! Let us understand these immediate challenges you could face after bringing home your little one.


Breastfeeding Woes!

It is a natural way of feeding a baby the reflex to which is already inbuilt in the little one. But just because it is there does not mean the baby knows how to effectively use it! The most common of breastfeeding problems is that the baby won’t latch. Well sometimes they just need a push and need to get cozy with Mommy. So the key is skin to skin touch. Hold your baby close to your chest, make her comfortable and see her go!! If the problem still persists, it is recommended that you speak to your pediatrician about it. Babies sometimes tend to spit out the milk they ingest. Well, if the baby does not look distressed and is gaining weight as required, then she is safe.


Diarrhea and Constipation

Diarrhea in children can be a dangerous ailment. It is the passing of runny liquid stools more frequently than usual. This can happen in case of infections. New-borns pass stool as frequently as 6 times in a day. Anything more than this and you should immediately consult your pediatrician. Constipation on the other hand is when the baby passes hard stools, sometimes with blood. Constipation is more common in babies that are bottle fed formula. Either ways, treatment should be immediately discussed with your pediatrician



Let’s face it, babies cry!! How else will they communicate their needs? But sometimes they cry a little too much, even 2 hours at a stretch. Well, we say ‘oh, your little one is colicky!’ The upside is that it mostly subsides by 10 weeks of age and the downside being sleepless nights for you! The reason for colic is not particularly know but it could be caused by overstimulation, acid reflux, allergies etc. What you should do is, respond! If you feel it is the digestive system acting up, try changing formula. Sometimes, all the baby needs is a different set of hands! Ask daddy to help in! Try giving the tiny one some gripe water!



It is the yellow discoloration on the baby’s skin and eyes. It occurs mainly because her liver is not mature enough to process bilirubin. In new-borns, it mostly persists until 2-3 weeks of age. The main causes for jaundice in new-borns is prematurity, not enough breast milk, bruising during childbirth, infection etc. Jaundice can be effectively treated my means of phototherapy.


5. Fever: In new-borns, fever can occur due to warm baths, if they are over dressed, heat stroke etc. It is always recommended that you take a rectal temperature of your child as they are the most accurate. Temperature above 100.4 F is a call for urgency in your new-born. Immediately visit her pediatrician.



New-born babies sleep 18 hours a day! Well if she is not, try knowing the reason. More often than not, it is because she is over-stimulated or way too tired. Also, babies follow a sleep cycle that varies from child to child. Try not to skip these!



Sometimes babies develops mall pustules on their body immediately after birth. It is recommended that you show this to your pediatrician.


Respiratory Distress

It takes a few hours for babies to breathe normally. If you sense her breathing is abnormal, check her nose. If she is breathing rapidly or if you feel a wheeze consult with your pediatrician immediately.


Abdominal distention

 Babies do tend to have bigger bellies but just in case you feel her belly feels hard or swollen in between feeds, then it is recommended that you consult with your doctor as it might be a serious condition.


Diaper Rash

One of the more common yet grave problems faced by new-borns. The only remedy to this is regular diaper change and frequent use of diaper rash cream.


If you think childbirth is a challenge, wait till you get a taste of parenting!! You as a parent have entered the most unique roller coaster phase of life, consider it a journey and live it to the fullest!