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Managing Autism At home

Autism is not curable, but that does not mean it is not Treatable

 Parents are devastated when they hear the world autism, more than anything else the reason could be that they do not understand the term at all. We cannot blame the parents here, because, even though medical science has progressed in leaps and bounds, the causes of autism are still being investigated. Moreover, since autism 'spectrum' disorder includes a diversified group of disorders, its effects are individualized and varied. Parents find it tough to deal with the complexity of the diagnosis which fails to generalise how a person with autism will develop over time. 

The shock

 Here they are enjoying their parenthood with a perfectly healthy looking baby, when the diagnosis happens. Acceptance itself becomes difficult in the first phase. 

Once, they overcome denial, they ask, “Is autism curable?”

Unfortunately, autism is treatable but not curable. You can help your child to a great extent with different strategies and ensure that life becomes manageable for your child. 

Educate yourself

It is tough to understand autism, yet let that not stop you from learning more about the condition. Read books, speak to experts, and socialize with other parents with autistic children to increase your understanding. Knowing what to expect will help you guide your child towards a life of independence. 

Know your resources. Do a survey of the area around your home to find places that could be of help to you in bringing up your child. Today, you will find help from government agencies, home-based behavioural therapy programs, schools that will include a section for children with special needs and many more assistance is available if you look for it. 

What is the best method

There is no generalized therapy or strategy that guarantees results. What works for one child may prove to be completely unsuccessful with another, who may even have same diagnosis and symptoms as well. 

We have to keep track and help the individual development of the child by customizing the strategies and intervention methodologies according to their specific needs. 

Some autistic children enjoy activities where they have to focus on single task. Such children will have high levels concentration powers. If they are given proper training in something they love to do, they can achieve high performance skill for that specific activity. They can go on to hold good jobs, get married and get into mainstream of society with proper effort. 

If you recall the film “Rain Man”, you will see that the character of Raymond showed superb recall and could count multiple objects all at once, yet he exhibits no emotions, except when in distress. Though a fictional character in the movie, there are many autistic individuals with exceptional talents including those like that of Raymond, who could do instant calculations on the exponential level, far beyond the normal range for humans. 

The best method would be to identify such talent and steer it towards skill acquisition for a particular job. 

Love and acceptance

Love and acceptance - though not high medical words with a scientific flavour, will go a long way in helping your child. Do not focus on how different your child is from other children, but know that every child is unique. In fact, no child should be compared to any other child if you want to do justice to their individuality. 

Do not wait for a big change to happen, rather celebrate small steps taken towards the change. Let your child know that no matter what the outcome is, you will always love him. 

Do not keep thinking about your child’s future but rather make the present your focus. When you live in present and make it good for your child, future will take care of itself.