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Reasons To Make Reading Bedtime Stories A Habit

Many parents and grandparents who have made bedtimes stories a for their toddlers a habit have a reason to rejoice since knowingly or unknowingly they have established a routine which helps in development of the toddler to a great extent. Today, many professionals are pointing out to parents the importance of reading bedtime stories to their children. 

A Time To Be Together

Often, during the busy schedule of the day, parents may not be able to spend quality time with their children every day. Making bedtime stories a habit will ensure that the parents spend some quality time with their children before they retire to bed. All is well that ends well. The child will forget how bad the day has been in the company of his loved parents, flying into the fantasy world of different characters. 

Calm Down Before Sleep

Bedtime stories help in calming down the jittery nerves of both the parent and children after the hectic day which was filled with work, cooking, cleaning, going to school, homework, play and many more. In today’s world a toddler in kindergarten is as busy as his parents. In such a scenario, being peaceful in each other’s company will create a special bond in the family. 


Bedtime stories are good communication openers for parents and children. An open discussion following the story will help parents dig deeper into the thoughts of their children and know their opinions as well. This would help them guide their child in the right direction as well. A communication channel established now will run forever between the parent and the child. 

Enhancement Of Reading and Vocabulary

Another important benefit of reading bedtime stories to toddlers is assisting them to develop reading habits. The brain of a toddler is developing and growing constantly. The more words, books and pictures the toddler is exposed to during these years, the better s/he will be mastering reading and comprehension in future. Moreover, if you put in enough effort in pronouncing the words correctly, your toddler will learn perfect pronunciation and improve his/her vocabulary as well. 

Pass On Your Moral And Values

You can pass your morals and values to your children through the bedtime stories without being too preachy and boring. Age appropriate books for children often have life lessons that will help you teach your toddlers some good morals and values that you treasure. 

Though you can buy some amazing digital books in today’s tech savvy world, there is something very special about the real bedtime story books. Go for them. 

Finally know that through these beautiful memories, you are creating love for books in your child which will help them develop into a wise and literate adult.