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Teach your Child to say "Thank You"

Puppy Scorpio learnt to say “Thank You”

Scorpio, the little puppy was always busy playing around the house. He loves to play with the pussy cat next door. They both were very good friends. The cat would come every day with its kitten to play with Scorpio. Both would have lots of fun together.

One day little Scorpio’s mama was not at home to give him food. Mama dog went to the market to fetch vegetables.  After playing with the pussy cat for some time Scorpio started to feel very hungry. Mama has still not returned from the market. Scorpio started crying out of hunger. The pussy cat heard Scorpio crying and came running to see what happened.

The cat could not see his friend upset and immediately came up with an idea. The pussy cat quickly ran to its home, which was on the other side of the wall, and immediately brought some food for Scorpio. Pussy cat gave the food that was actually kept for her kittens.  “GLOP, GLOP” the food went inside Scorpio’s tummy and he ate the food heartily and was happy. His stomach was full now.

When mama dog returned from the market Scorpio told mama everything. Mama was very happy that pussy cat took care of her little puppy by feeding him. Mama asked, “Scorpio, did you remember to thank your friend for sharing her food with you”. Scorpio nodded his head to say, “NO”.  Mama Dog took Scorpio to meet the Pussy Cat. They both thanked the Pussy Cat for sharing her food.

Scorpio puppy said to his mama dog, “Mama you taught me when to say Thank you”.