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Traveling With Toddlers

How to make your weekend holidays entertaining for your family

 In today’s hectic and monotonous work life, more than children, it is parents who look forward to a good weekend getaway for rejuvenation and relief. Unfortunately, the getaway can become worse than the hectic Monday, if your toddler is bored and frustrated. 

It has become convenient for modern parents to replace to fun sharing games with their children with modern technology which has given them tablet/smart phones. But, no technology can replace you in child’s life and they need your precious time and company to grow in a wholesome way. 

A perfect getaway

Off course, dogs and toddlers do not like to stay at home. They constantly seek your company, love to hear your voice and moreover enjoy the games you play with them. So, the best way have the exclusive time for yourself with your child is to plan a perfect getaway for your family. Keeping in mind your budget, plan well ahead before you start. An organized trip is necessary for your peace of mind. Sometimes you can pick something convenient and close to your home, whereas occasionally you can travel some distance for that special touch. 

Every city has some many resorts and amusement parks which are both entertaining and educating for children. Many of new resorts are built in the lap of nature so that people can get the feel of being with Mother Nature without spending hours on the road. Parents can bond with children and teach them a lot through interaction in such ideal places where they can enjoy openly. 

 What after the entertainment is over?

With the toddlers on hands, it is not so tough to get up early in the morning, reach your destination on time and have a fun filled entertaining day out there. The problem starts when the excitement wears off and tiredness sets in for your toddler. Suddenly they turn into tiny monsters throwing tantrums.  

Somehow you pack your family into the car/ or get into the bus/train with hope of getting back home in in time for starting work the next day all fresh. Naturally there are many other people who had exact plans like yours for their families as well. So it is not surprising if on your way back you are stuck in a huge traffic jam. 

As you wonder what time you will reach home clearing all the remaining titbits of the snack you were carrying which are left behind because your family munched on some new food at the place you visited; your child is getting cranky, restless, feeling uncomfortable sitting in one place, which may turn into a howling for a unreasonable reason or no reason at all. The more common reason could be he/she is tired of the smart phone or battery died. 

The perfect solution

What do you do in such a situation? Do you crib on the traffic jam? Do you blame others who caused it? Do you offer snacks to your child so that he is busy munching on them? Do you shout at your child asking him/her to keep quiet?  Do you give your mobile phone or your tablet to the child so that he/she is busy playing games on it? Or you just ignore the situation? Most of you will get so stressed that instead of the weekend getaway working a rejuvenator, it may actually steal any tit-bit of energy you had left in you before the weekend. 

If you are creative enough, the traffic jam or lengthy trip on the road could be a perfect bonding time you can enjoy with your child. Just keep calm and keep your toddler engaged and entertained in a more fruitful and creative way. 

Go back to the days when children did not have all these technologies to entertain them. What did your parents or grandparents do to keep you entertained? Soon you will realize that you need not panic when your mobile battery is down or your child just doesn’t care for it anymore. Bring back those games your caretakers played with your during your childhood when you travelled or when you had those massive power cuts. Why not use the same technique to rejuvenate yourself, refreshing your memories and engaging the child. This will also help you in building a bond between you and your child which would not be possible when they are other things distracting either one of you.  

When on travel, you can sing songs in phrases, adding a new phrase after every turn. Your child can repeat after you and will learn over a period of time. You can make up your own silly songs as well. 

You can play counting fingers with a game attached to it. You can also count, trees, tunnels or any vehicle that is overtaking you. Just see what interests your toddler the most. The way you present these games will make all the difference. 

Use any paper or handkerchief to make different animals out of it. Allow your child to create a shape and try naming it appropriately. 

Joining dots or tic-tac-toe can be fun and entertaining and can be played with any simple things laying around in your bag. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper. 

Move away from smart phones and go back to the days of smart parenting to keep your child happy during travel and also to create a special bond between you and your baby. 

Live life to your fullest and enjoy with your little one while using your mobile to capture the expressions and happy moments you spend with your child.